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Werner Pumps vehicle range supports disaster recovery applications

While disasters are something we all try to avoid, sometimes there’s nothing that can be done to avert a crisis. In these cases, the best that can be done is to deal with the aftermath as well as possible. Werner Pumps has created a line-up of disaster response vehicles to assist in these instances, catering for a range of applications, from spills to floods.

 “We develop our offering based on customer requests and market demands, and we’ve tried our best to use our capabilities in high-pressure jetting and vacuuming to create a range of vehicles to meet a wide range of disaster recovery situations,” says Sebastian Werner, MD of Werner Pumps.

 At the top end of the spectrum is the Mammoth Megavac suction truck, launched in March. Designed specifically for the suctioning of dry bulk material, such as ash or cement, or for wet slurry with high-density iron-ore and platinum slag at mines, this truck offers a 360°, six-inch suction boom, which assists the operator to place the suction hose where it’s accessible. Beyond this, it offers full remote-control operation for improved safety. The operator is able to control the truck while standing at the suction site, keeping an eye on the work underway.

 “We’ve developed this unit with a top-quality filtration system, with filter socks to make the suctioning of these products more efficient and quicker with its 3 900 m3/h at 90% positive displacement vacuum pump capability,” explains Werner. “The first unit was purchased by the Ekurhuleni Fire Department for use in accidental spillages and suctioning of sand in rescue operations.”

 For slightly less intensive suction applications, Werner Pumps offers the Indlovu Vacuum truck, with a liquid ring pump suction capacity of 3100 m³/h and maximum 0,85 bar of continuous pressure. With a tank volume of approximately 12 500l and a payload of roughly 12 500kg, the Indlovo may be smaller, but it’s still tough, fit-for-purpose and extremely capable.

 Werner Pumps also offers combination vacuum and jetting units – the Impi Combi Truck. These premium-quality, locally-manufactured truck-mounted units have a tilting 12 500l, 304 stainless steel tank, a hydraulically-driven high-pressure pump capacity of 295l/min at 150 bar, and a vane vacuum pump with 1

 700 m3/hr deep suction capability. The high-pressure pump is also fitted with a pneumatically operated regulating valve, making infinite pressure adjustment possible, thus increasing the safety of the operator during use. The Impi truck is useful for clean-up operations, from oil spills to flood recovery and even cleaning out slurry pits. For short-term needs, Werner Pumps has two of these units available for rental, including an operator.

 Where access or space is limited, or for smaller-scale applications (particularly sewerage cleaning), Werner Pumps offers the first bakkie-mounted vehicle in South Africa that has the combined ability to perform suction and jetting. Mounted on a Ford Ranger type, 4-wheel drive bakkie, it comes fitted with a two-compartment aluminium tank with a total capacity of 1 200l, and vacuum pump suction and discharge with a delivery rate of 198-320 m³/h. The high-pressure pump offers a delivery rate of 40-90 l/min.

 “We work hard to be a one-stop shop for our customers, meeting all their needs, and to assist them in responding efficiently and effectively to disasters,” says Werner. “We believe our offering meets important market needs, and it’s always satisfying to see our units being used in important work that makes a real difference.”