Spinning Nozzles

The enz golden jet® rotating nozzle is provided with an eccentrically supported rotor, which produces very fast vibrations and pulsating jets. The resulting pulsations become as strong that deposits up to 10cm thickness are disintegrated. Thanks to the application of the rotopuls nozzle, the more expensive work with the cutting tools or with the chain flail head can be avoided in many cases.

The enz golden jet® Bulldog Rotating Nozzle has been designed for operation with recycling water and fresh water. The cleverly built sliding bearing allows the use of every kind of recycled water. An integrated oil-free braking system results in a low wear and tear operation and in controlled numbers of rotation. In this way a most efficient and economic pipe cleaning is achieved. The bore of the nozzle insert determines the admissible size of the dirt particles up to a maximum Ø 1mm.

Pointed Nozzles
Concentrated powerful advance by means of 4 front jet nozzles. The sharp edges cut, break and penetrate through every kind of blockage. Made of wear-resistant, hardened steel. All nozzles from art. 60.050 onward are provided with ceramic inserts. Because of this, the efficiency is considerably higher compared with those nozzles with drilled holes and the service life is several times longer.
Penetrating of completely clogged pipes
Opening of interlaced roots
Opening of frozen pipelines

Grenade Bomb
This enz golden jet® jet nozzle is made of wear-resistant hardened steel. The “grenade” and the “bomb” are joined in the same nozzles. Two different jet angles of 10° and 30° perform together strong traction and effective cleaning. The high efficiency is reached by appropriate water guidance. Applications For removal of loose rubble stone, gravel and soft deposits.

Ejector Nozzle
These tools are outstanding in their enormous flushing capacity. Their main application is cleaning large fully surcharged pipes and drains bigger than Ø 500 mm. The specific arrangement of the nozzle inserts ensures that cleaning is done carefully because the nozzle jets do not work directly against the pipe wall. As a result, this tool is also appropriate for cleaning older channel systems.


Various Pipe Cleaning Nozzles
Cleaning of clogged pipes. With centric front jet and 3 or 4 rear jets (30°).
Front jet for penetrating of completely clogged pipes and frozen pipelines, rear jets for flushing away of the waste material. Made from Stainless steel.

Chain Flail Heads
Can be used to clear calcareous layers, concrete residues and larger roots.

Cross Jet Nozzles
Used in the cleaning of boiler tubes and heat exchanges as well as completely blocked pipes. This tool is able to cut hard scale from within these tubes.

Impact Cutter Heads
A radical innovation for milling of deposits in pipes. Their carbide tipped teeth remove most stubborn deposits, such as Thick Roots, calcareous layers and injection cement. They can also be equipped for use in plastic pipes.

Spinning Nozzles
Can be used in drains and sewer lines to blast blockages such as fat, calcareous deposits and smaller roots. This nozzle can be set to 1000 bar for boiler tube cleaning and removal of hard scale.

Bulldozer Nozzles
Used to clear heavy blockages of sand, rags, plastic bags, containers and rocks. Has a front nozzle to clear its way.