Hippo logo

Our Icon - The Hippopotamus

Werner Pumps is synonymous with the supply of Water Jetting Equipment to Africa supplying a comprehensive High Quality product / parts and maintenance, support, service. Customized and adaptable to cope and operate uniquely within the demanding local “African” conditions safely and cost effectively.

Werner Pumps adopted and incorporated the African “Hippopotamus” specifically into its logo emblem as both the African Hippo and Werner Pumps each have a common direct association with water. Further, as both operate within the environmental extremes of the unique African environment with its unpredictability and intolerance of weakness. The serious impact on survivability, durability and endurance both Werner Pumps and the Hippo displays with pride that both are robust, displaying self reliance, independence, unquestioned strength, adaptability and durability.

Whilst the hippo normally displays a placid demeanor, in the water or on land, to the uninformed observer this understates the fact that it is extremely territorial and dangerously aggressive when disturbed or interfered with. Similarly Water Jetting Equipment, at all times, also demands the same level of caution and respect. Ignoring this will have dire consequences to the ignorant.

Werner Pumps is Africa’s leading supplier in the sophisticated specialist arena of High Pressure Pumping, Jetting and related product application support.