Trailer Mounted Ultra High Pressure Cleaners

Ultra High Pressure Units – 1000 Bar Rubber and Scale Removal

Werner 1000 Bar units can be ordered in an electric version or diesel driven version. They can be skid, trolley or trailer mounted depending on the customers requirements. These units can be used to remove rubber lining from pipelines or scale removal. With Werner’s special nozzles anything can be cleaned. Just enquire and our professional staff will assist you in your choice.

Ultra High Pressure Units – 2800 Bar Paint Removal

Our units are used in many cleaning applications. In this instance our 2800 bar unit is used for removal of paint and rust from tanks and mixing pots.

It is able to clean steel tank, completely to the bare metal in seconds. In the past chisels and hammers were used, which could cause damage to the surface for the tank. Today only water is required with minimal effort.