Truck Mounted Jetting Units

Our units are fully customisable and if required can be built onto existing customer chassis with plastic, mild steel or stainless steel tanks. The unit can be built according to any budget.

We can supply truck mounted units, which are pto driven or donkey engine driven depending on your needs. Tanks can be manufactured at our plant in Springs out of material you might request. The sides can be customised as well, general sizes are 6000l, 10 000l to 15 000 litres. Werner is able to supply any chassis the customer would prefer from Toyota, Nissan, Scania, MAN or Mercedes. We can do it all.

Werner units are fully customisable and donkey engine and pumpsets can be completely enclosed. Werner can offer toolboxes mounted to either or both sides of the tanks.

Hose reels can also be customised from normal standard types to flag type, which allows the user to swivel the reel through 180°. Werner can supply anything required by its customers.

Werner units can be fully customised and can be fully enclosed. This allows the customer to advertise on the full body of the unit. “Moving  Billboard”. Enquire with our sales staff and they will suggest anything for your budget. Werner can offer rear mounted house reels in standard form or flag type which allows the user to swivel it through 180°. Werner can also offer side mounted hose reels allowing the user the jetting unit as a water tanker.

A small hand operated hose reel can also be mounted on the unit which allows the user to clean manholes and work areas before commencement of cleaning. As well as cleaning of the actual jetting unit once cleaning has been completed.

Hand operated hydraulic units build onto our unit also allow the user to repair jetting hoses should they burst while in the field.  This saves downtime for the user.