Sewer Plugs


The pipe stoppers U, PU and PU–F are effective tools for the quick and reliable sealing or closing of drainage systems, pipelines, sewers and gullies. They are mainly used during repair and maintenance work, accidents and for the leak test with water or air according to DIN EN 1610 of new or save sewers and pipe sections.
Therefore, they are highly valued in the water system organizations, construction industry, civil engineering and rescue and fire brigades. The pipe stoppers are made of quality rubber reinforced with fabric. They withstand weather, temperature from -30 °C to 80 °C, use and waste water and they are middle resistant of chemicals.
The basic series consists of 28 standard types in sizes to fit 40 to 1600 mm pipe diameters. All pipe stoppers are tested by 1,3 multiple of operating pressure and they withstand a back pressure 1 bar or 0,5 bar.

We supply the following pipe stoppers:

  • Pipe stoppers U, PU and PU–F
  • Short pipe stoppers UK and PUK
  • Bypass pipe stoppers PU–G
  • High–pressure pipe stoppers UU
  • Egg–shaped pipe stoppers UV, UVP and PUV, PUV–F, PUVP
  • Pillow pipe stoppers UP and PUP
  • Test stoppers for gullies US, US–L
  • Skittle pipe stoppers UE and PUE
  • Halfround pipe stoppers UR
  • Cone pipe stoppers ULK and PULK

Rehabilitation Packers

Rehabilitation packers P, FP, DP, HP and HPP are used for repairing locally-damaged sewerages or other pipelines or for their successive maintenance. The packers can be applied to fissures, leaky joints, misalignments, root downgrowth and corroded sections. Sewerages made of all kinds of materials in the diameter ranging from 50 mm to 1200 mm can be maintained or repaired in this way.

These packers can be divided into several groups: short packers, flexible packers, lateral packers and long packers. They are made of a special rubber guaranteeing the necessary flexibility, strength and resistance. All their metal parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials.