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Werner Pumps adds second rental unit to meet market demand

Werner Pumps has added a second Impi Unit to its rental line-up. With two of these hard-working combination jetting and vacuum trucks available for hire – operator included – the leading manufacturer of high-pressure jetting equipment in South Africa is better able to service market needs.

“Both the units are available for hire at a daily rate, which means that customers who need a truck for a specific purpose or situation are able to access one,” says Sebastian Werner, MD of Werner Pumps. “They can also plug a gap for businesses with trucks that are temporarily out of action, or for those who have a truck on order with us and need a unit while their own is being manufactured here.”

The Impi Combi units are premium-quality, locally-manufactured truck-mounted units, built at the Werner Pumps premises in Springs. With a tilting 12.500 litre, 304 stainless steel tank, a hydraulically-driven high-pressure pump capacity of 295L/Min at 150 bar, and a vacuum pump with 1700 m3/hr suction capability, they are fit for various applications. The high-pressure pump is also fitted with a pneumatically operated regulating valve, making infinite pressure adjustment possible, thus increasing the safety of the operator during use.

“Recently, the units have been used at a food manufacturing facility to deal with an emergency oil spill, and on a mine, to help clean heavy slurry from a pit,” says Werner.

For the oil spill, he says that the client hired both the Werner Pumps Impi Unit and a competitor truck. “Our unit did five loads in the time the competitor’s did one, and they were then sent off-site,” he says. “We would suction the oil / water mix and push it from our tank into the waiting tanker, which made the removal much quicker and more efficient, as we didn’t even have to disconnect our hoses until the waiting tanker was full.”

He says that in the case of the thick slurry, the additional water jetting capability of the Impi Unit helped make cleaning easier, and the mine was able to stop the slurry from drying out. “It’s not the unit we recommend for this application (we have specialist options available), but it did a great job and the client was happy, which is what matters,” says Werner. “We’ve also used this unit at a leading steel supplier for rapid response, suction oil emulsion out from oil pits. Once the oil was removed, we used the jetting gun for cleaning. The Impi Combi unit really is a versatile machine and it’s been great to showcase its capabilities in so many different applications.”