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Werner Pumps Invests in In-House Capabilities with CNC Machinery

Werner Pumps, leading South African design, manufacture, supply and maintenance specialist in high-pressure jetting equipment, has installed and commissioned new CNC equipment at its headquarters in Springs. The R3 million investment in the cutting-edge Haas machinery has enabled the company to cut production time on some components by 50% or more, helping to speed up turnaround time on its 100% locally manufactured high-pressure jetting equipment.

Sebastian Werner, MD at Werner Pumps, says that the new CNC machine has also helped his team to create more components in-house. “There are certain things that we could not make ourselves or justify manufacturing in-house previously, because they were simply too time-consuming. But with the new equipment, we’re able to create even more of our components than ever before, and to prototype and test new ideas more quickly.”

The investment in the CNC machine has sparked other additions and changes to the Werner Pumps workshop, including installing a German-made compressor from Keiser that services the entire workshop floor.

Werner Pumps employees have received training on using the CNC machinery and feel that it will improve the products they produce, as well as the rate of production.

Over the past few years, Werner says, the company has continuously invested into improving its facilities and offering. “We want our customers to see us as a one-stop shop, which means we keep added things to our range that they tell us they need, such as nozzles, accessories and spares, as well as equipment like our locally built trailer-mounted 6-inch centrifugal pump unit. We’ve also invested in up-skilling our staff to bring hydraulics and electrics in-house, and upgrading our facilities, customer training and aftersales service. We believe that investing in the business keeps us a step ahead and ensures we have happy customers who come back to us time and time again.”

About Werner Pumps

For over 30 years, Werner South Africa Pumps & Equipment (Pty) Ltd. has been designing, manufacturing, supplying and maintaining specialist high-pressure jetting equipment.

The company has built a reputation as a local industry leader through its focus on delivering high-quality, low-maintenance, 100% South African manufactured products that last, all while considering clients’ budgets.

Aside from its in-house manufacturing capabilities, Werner Pumps specialises in the supply and maintenance of high-pressure jetting equipment, German high-pressure pumps, high-pressure sewer cleaning hoses, Swiss-engineered Nozzles by ENZ, and high-pressure guns, lances and cleaning equipment.