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Company’s pump systems an ‘ideal solution’

High-pressure jetting equipment specialist Werner Pumps continuously supplies systems, such as power jetting pump systems, to several gold mines in South Africa.

These systems include the trolley- and trailer-mounted units, says Werner Pumps MD Sebastian Werner.

The units are manufactured locally and offer an “ideal solution” for cleaning sewer lines, as well as water sandblasting and pressure cleaning.

The high-pressure jetting pumps are available in diesel or electric models and can be skid- or trolley-mounted, depending on customer preference. The 153 kW trailer-mounted diesel unit has an engine that operates at 1 500 rpm, as well as a 500 ℓ water tank. The 110 kW engine of the electric, trolley-mounted model operates at 380 V or 525 V without a water tank.

Both units have a maximum working pressure of 1 000 bar and flowrate of 54 ℓ/min. They have pneumatic pressure regulation with remote control which improves safety and is ideal for pipeline cleaning, water sandblasting and pressure washing.

Werner says the company has been manufacturing these trailers for decades and, as with all the other equipment it produces, can be tailored to meet customer requirements.

He adds that the company is set to launch a new vacuum truck, designed specifically to handle hazardous material applications. The first Mammoth Vac is being built at the Werner Pumps manufacturing facility in Springs, Gauteng, and is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2021.

The Mammoth Vac, similar to all the other truck units of the company, will be available with or without a maintenance contract. Werner Pumps can also provide financing options and source a suitable truck chassis for customers to their requirements and preferences across all available vehicle brands, Werner concludes.