Werner Water Recycling Trucks

Werner Water Recycling Units are especially designed for rugged African conditions. Using high quality components during construction and a high quality chassis, MAN 33.360 TGS, the Werner Water Recycling Unit is highly effective for cleaning sewer and stormwater lines.

Wet and dry suction capability

  • Uses water obtained from sewer lines on site
  • Has the ability to save up to 168.000 litres of clean water per one 8 hour shift
  • Available in various forms and sizes
  • Can be used for municipal cleaning as well as various other forms of cleaning
  • Due to its contact free rotor design, the vacuum pump is extremely quiet
  • The unit is equipped with 2000m3/hr suction and a 6” suction line capacity
  • The unit also has a single cylinder pressure transformer jetting pump, with the operating parameters of 350l/min @ 200bar
  • The vacuum pump is available in various sizes
  • The tank size is 10.500 litres and constructed from stainless steel
  • The tank includes a tank cleaning nozzle for cleaning out debris

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